Possibly our last day today. We did some ATMOS team photos. The Leg 1 crew. The joint crew. And then the Leg 2 crew. We’ve handed the torch and now will be eager fans waiting to hear information from the field. I’m feeling this cavity starting to form inside my chest. Already feeling a sense… Read More

It’s come to the end, of Leg 1 at least. Strange feeling. The Leg 1 personnel moved over to the Kapitan Dranitsin, while the Leg 2 personnel moved over to Polarstern. I was on Polarstern in the afternoon and felt like an intruder. It is their ship now. MOSAiC is in their hands. The last… Read More

Kapitan Dranitsyn arrived yesterday, to great fanfare from people on both ships….. but apparently our ice floe was not as happy to have another ship around. Cracks emanating from the area of the ships headed out in multiple directions. Right through Met City, right through Remote Sensing city. One went between the Met Hut and… Read More

It is perhaps my last tower climb while being here on Leg 1. Some days ago I had climbed our tower in modest winds to pull down a met sensor that needed to be swapped out (it was needed for elsewhere). And in the process, we wanted to compare met sensors from different heights. So… Read More

Wow what a blitz it has been around here lately. Seems that time is accelerating as the Dranitsyn cruises towards us with the Leg 2 group of scientists and crew. They are ready, I’m sure. But it seems that we arenot yet ready to hand everything off to them. So many last minute details to… Read More

Every day is packed full of hard work and many activities, but sometimes there are very busy days. Like today. Here is a day in the life out here. Wake as late as possible, about 7:45, peel myself out of bed, sleep still in my eyes, pull some clothes on and a hat to cover… Read More

Once again the ice dynamics have become active. High winds from the south have been pushing against our floe, and across the major shear zone that extended across the front of the ship. We’ve seen a little bit of activity there in the last days, but not much. But now things have really come together,… Read More

We took a journey on the ice today, following a northern German tradition. It’s not really clear to me what the point of a kohltour is, although I experienced one once before when I lived in Germany for a year as a 19 year old. Back then it was pulling wagons along the dike of… Read More