After we arrived home from the CEDAR conference, we had a one-day break before logging on for the virtual 30th International Laser Radar Conference (ILRC30).

Ian Geraghty, Arunima Prakash, and Yingfei Chen presented their work in an oral session to a large crowd of “topis” (the virtual users on this platform), drawing intriguing and helpful comments from the research community.

Dr. Chu hosts a virtual oral presentation session at ILRC30

The most exciting part of these conferences was definitely the fact that Arunima took 2nd place in the CEDAR Student Poster Contest, and was awarded the Best Student Oral Presentation award at the ILRC conference! Arunima’s presentation and poster shared her research on polar mesospheric clouds, studying their occurrence statistics and correlations with earth and space phenomena, which she is currently assembling into a paper with planned publication this fall.

Arunima poses with the other poster contest winners at CEDAR

Congratulations again to Arunima for this accomplishment!

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