6 Aug 2014, Matt Shupe [74N, 171E]

The sun simply circles the sky at this time of year in the high Arctic. It is light all day, which can be challenging to the sleep pattern and daily routine. But, the sun does rise and fall in the sky, and, as we progress towards autumn, eventually the sun will fall below the horizon for part of the day, then entirely below the horizon in winter. The interesting thing about our current situation is that Oden is operating on Universal Coordinated Time (UTC), which is the same time as in London. [This is also convenient because our measurements are referenced to UTC!] We are approaching the International Date Line, such that Oden time is approximately 12 hours off from the local time! So as I finished my lunch today, I went outside to find this amazing sunset, as the sun reached down to its lowest point of the day, nearing the horizon. I guess this is a phenomenon that is only possible with creative clock work!

sunset over ice

Midnight sunset