9 July 2014 (2 am), by Matt Shupe, [80N, 70E]: We’ve just entered the ice, accompanied by a few birds. The marginal zone is a collection of small floes, usually less than 10-15 meters across, sprinkled about in the water. The Oden, our icebreaker, has hardly slowed.  Down to about 9 knots from 11 knots.  The… Read More

8 July 2014, by Matt Shupe: Clouds, clouds, clouds.  I came here to study them, and indeed they are here.  It has been gray and overcast for the last 3 days.  At times drizzly.  At times foggy. Many versions of cloudiness, but still cloudy.  As far as one can see in every direction there’s a… Read More

July 6, by Matt Shupe, [73N, 27E]: Arrived in Tromso, Norway, a day delayed because of East Coast storms. Straight to Icebreaker Oden in Tromso harbor, via a small boat riding with a Swiss filming crew. My bag, however, did not make the full journey with me. At some point along the way it got lost… Read More