Team members Mike and Sasha spent all day yesterday traversing a total of 330km round trip via snowmobile from DYE2 to NASA SE and back to do a repair on a station.  They returned around 2300 local time last night, ate a quick dinner and turned in. Today they are taking it easy and enjoying some… Read More

Our FirnCover team has completed all the work on their traverses and are back at DYE 2 station.  However, yesterday, two members of the team were scheduled to do a very long traverse to repair an instrument at NASA SE that they couldn’t do when they were previously there due to a missing part. I… Read More

Our science team successfully completed work at the KAN-U site over the past three days. Even though today had some moderate winds, they were able to traverse to the EKT site.  So far everything has been going pretty smoothly and they’re on schedule – although weather tomorrow is questionable.  … Read More

Today we got up, had breakfast, and loaded onto the Twin Otter to fly up to the EastGRIP site, which is about 300 km north of Summit Camp. EastGRIP is interesting for a number of scientific reasons. It is the upper end of the NorthEast Greenland Ice Stream (so the site is also known as, or… Read More

Our science team has been working virtually non-stop since their arrival on the ice sheet over a week ago.  Since they’ve not had any down time, a storm day would have been welcomed, but with near “balmy” weather every day so far, they’ve been working long 12-hour days – dubbed by the team as “science-palooza days”.… Read More

After several flight delays to the Ice Sheet, I was notified by team lead Mike MacFerrin via satellite communication, that the crew finally landed safely yesterday morning at Camp Raven, also known as Dye-2. However, not long after arrival, a problem was discovered: there was a leak in one of the fuel barrels; fortunately the hole was… Read More

There are several things that you can do if you want to be sure that your flight gets delayed. Or, if you want your flight to be on time, you could do the opposite. 5. Spend many hours discussing how good the weather forecast looks. 4. Declare to team mates that you are going to… Read More

The last few days have been a flurry of activity as we prepare for the upcoming traverse. Many meetings – mainly revolving around safety, safety protocols, emergency evacuation scenarios, evacuation protocols, emergency communication,…you get the idea. We have finished packing our equipment. It will fill up two pallets plus we have five snowmobiles between the… Read More