Seven weeks down and two more to go. During this week of research, I was able to get a controlled test underway! By controlled test, I mean I was able to apply a specific concentration to one of my samplers. Unfortunately, I was unable to read the sampler for 24hrs due to system failure in… Read More

Unpacking is never fun.  You’re in a new place, and you’re trying to decide where everything goes.  At times, you may decide your initial placement wasn’t the best, so you move it into the living room, but then it doesn’t go with the rug.  It just doesn’t flow.  You can’t move the rug, though, it… Read More

Only two weeks left! This summer has flown by, and I’m starting to feel the pressure of so many deadlines coming up all at once. The poster, the talk, AGU abstract, CU Boulder application, and so on… can we please squeeze a few extra hours into each day?? Despite moving and some personal troubles this… Read More

21 sessions, 60 people, 5 pages each person, all dutifully transcribed, for a total of 8,167 words. I think we’re done with actually running sessions, but who knows?  We may actually still do more.  In the meantime though, the analysis continues.  There are soooo many different results we’ve gotten, and trying to figure out which… Read More

What to say, what to say… Still plugging away with creating my poster and PowerPoint, and I know the end results will be fabulous. Speaking with my mentor Rick today, I learned more terminology that will help me explain the profile models that I have created in Excel. The more I know the better.  With… Read More

As I’ve said before, you learn some pretty interesting things around NOAA. Sometimes entirely unrelated to anything you are actually studying. Guess this is what happens when you get a bunch of intelligent scientists together. The cup of random knowledge runneth over so to speak. So, what lovely little dollop of knowledge did I gain… Read More

Well, I really am not the blogging type of person, I already have enough thoughts going on that I usually don’t care to write them out lol. Last week was a pretty good week, as I was finally able to see where my research project is going. My mentor was out of town for another… Read More

Only three weeks left of the program, and I’m finally feeling the crunch.  Last week was almost entirely lab work, and the slow pace of that work is beginning to concern me.  Setting up the equipment isn’t terribly difficult or time consuming, but each run can take up to 90 minutes and I’m doing three… Read More

Week six gave us lots of background to move progress along. In the first couple weeks of the internship I read a lot about thermal desorption techniques and at first it was confusing. It feels great when you research something about some sort of technique and then you go to carry it out and IT… Read More