This week, we travelled to Wyoming and Montana to take samples at nine sites along the Powder River. We drove 1992 Suburban down and stayed in three different towns while we were there: Kaycee Wyoming, Buffalo Wyoming, and Broadus Montana. All of these places were very rural and it was hard to avoid any meat… Read More

This was a busy field week. We spent a lot of time up at Niwot taking phenological data at our sites. We have found a considerable amount of flower buds, which is exciting! Also, this week was a lot of prep for RMBL. I spent some time figuring out how much reagent we will need… Read More

As I realize how quick this internship is passing, I am doing my best to keep up with it. We designed our first figure of the final poster this past week, which was really cool. This week, I will start to be putting together my powerpoint presentation (what I can at least) and continue to… Read More

After days of annotating images of the debris flow site at Chalk Cliffs, I finally got to visit for myself! To beat the afternoon storms, Katy, Jess, and I got a 5 AM start, piled our packs into the Subaru, and started down to Buena Vista, Colorado. With drone and batteries in tow, we made… Read More

My project is rockin and rollin. Overnight at the Tundra Lab was super fun and surprisingly warm! The team and I dug a 10ft deep snow pit, and completed multiple surveys. I am finally comfortable with the site and my specific points of interest to where I am independently working along the GPR (ground penetrating… Read More

Spent so much time in the field this week! Finally got out to a few of my plots up on the ridge, visited some of Ashley’s sites, and got to bask in the rambunctious presence of sooooo many pikas! Collected some occupancy data at three, but the majority are still under snowpack. I even had… Read More

I have begun the PCR process on my more than 40 isolations and am beginning the data analysis process, which is surprisingly really fun. Probably because I enjoy organizing data and keeping tables (you should see my monthly budgets). This week (after today) marks the end of my culturing and the beginning of the more… Read More

After weeks of building up base-level knowledge on relevant computer programs, I am finally getting a move on with my project. I wrote my first code using Python (very exciting) which opened a text file containing a list of photo names which I had compiled earlier, found the images associated with the photo names, copied… Read More

Quite a busy week. Still just making intensive spreadsheets to try and weed out the noise in our data. Trying to develop different methods on how we do this in google sheets. Definitely a process. I did find out with my mentor that there is a strong difference in crowdmag survey in a vehicle, on… Read More

This week has had some extreme ups and downs. I was not ready for a week like this. First a good thing. I got to see my reference/ friend. I got to show them the lab I’m working in and they gave me cookies. That was awesome. However, shortly after I managed to ruin two… Read More