Week two has been going well so far. I am getting to know my mentor Rick Saltus, and I will be spending more time with Manoj Nair next week when he gets back from vacation. I am settling into my office and getting to know where resources are located (i.e. library, printing room). I have… Read More

My first week as a RECCS student was a great ice-breaker for the rest of the summer. The beginning of the week included professional introductions and orientation. With the help of the generous, hospitable, and knowledgeable staff, there is a strong foundation for growth. I had the opportunity to meet with a fellow researcher, Mitch,… Read More

The initial week of RECCS is a wrap and I couldn’t have had a better time with my amazing cohorts! The first two days consisted of introductions and learning more about our projects and then the rest of the week we were at the CU Mountain Research Station. Our time at MRS provided many team… Read More

I’m sitting here on a lovely Saturday afternoon, reflecting on how amazing this week has been. This is actually the third time I’ve started a blog post, because there is just so much that could be said.  I don’t want to bore anyone with my rambling! So, to be concise, here are a few observations… Read More

Welcome to the 2018 RECCS program. We, at the CIRES Education and Outreach team as well as your mentors at CIRES and NOAA, are looking forward to working with you this summer as you navigate your own research project and learn important communication skills.   Enjoy and make the best of the opportunity! Blogging is… Read More

My research will continue as planned. Samples from each of the four field sites need to be collected on a weekly basis. In addition, physical parameter measurements at the sites need to be taken on a weekly basis. This sequential addition of data displays concentration and discharge correlations over the 9-week period. In addition, it… Read More

I have officially finished all the wet lab work needed to answer the questions that were presented at the beginning of this summer.  All that work, 7 weeks of lab work, for 2mL of pure bacterial DNA. I pulled 12 hour days in the lab to get to here. I don’t want to let go.… Read More

Update: Things got super awesome today. My project has taken some new direction, but it’s really exciting! Something’s going on with this data, and I think we’ve got some good stuff up our sleeves… I’m getting really excited to present, actually. Does that mean I’ll actually breathe during my talk? Probably not, but at least… Read More

I had a blast making this recent graph which is my own pursuit (not requested by my mentor), and it does  a great job of physically showing 3 variables (time, wind direction, and particle number). The plot however required turning date, and wind direction into factors, and also cutting part of the wind data set… Read More