This week I have made quite a bit of media. Not social media. This kind that wee-beasties eat! This project requires a lot of food for the little buggas. I will be providing them a constant flow of media so that I can keep them in exponential phase. This means that they will be growing as fast as they can because food will always be plentiful and some of them will be sucked out, creating room for more. This mean I’m like a cook for tiny people. Luckily the main ingredient is water. A few dashes of sugar, spice and everything nice and I’ve got a magical dish!

On the other hand, I have to give a mention to the cognitive development I’ve been going through. My mentor has asked me to figure out the math associated with this project and it was far more difficult than I would have thought. The math was essentially all algebra but the part that got me was what we’re not taught in math class. That is the assigning of variables to REAL things. I have variables that are not just X and Y. I have to not only figure out what the variables are but why they are in whatever part of the equation they reside in. I could feel my brain grow larger. Maybe I will increase the size of my hat!

In the picture below the doohickey on the right with a bunch of thingamajigs sticking out of it is a chemostat. That this has a liter of media in it right now and will turn over its volume four times for one test. That’s a minimum of 5 liters of media per test. OOF. Time to get cookin’!

WOW! I think I found my doppelganger! has any one seen Cody’s Lab?

Do I not look a bit like this bloke? Our hair is almost the same!

This be Cody. Not me.

Back to me.

Guys! I think this is what they call “Science.” Welp. Mission accomplished. The earth is saved right?

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