CSTPR 2018 Seed Fund Winners for Common Themes Development

Over the past few years (2016-2017), CSTPR has developed four common themes and priority areas for research, education and service. These are (1) Science and Technology Policy, (2) Innovations in Governance and Sustainability, (3) Drivers of Risk Management Decisions, and (4) Communication and Societal Change.

CSTPR put a call out for proposals that solicit funding and that will further develop our four themes in the upcoming 2018 calendar year. The winning proposals will support CSTPR-related efforts as they provide initial support for further development of the projects. These will then help carry out our CSTPR mission and vision.

2018 Seed Fund Winners

Science and Technology Policy Theme and Drivers of Risk Management Decisions Theme
Emerging Responses to Genetically Modified Crops in Boulder County
Amanda Carrico, lead



Innovations in Governance and Sustainability Theme
Water Equity Project Workshop
Steve Vanderheiden, lead



Science and Technology Policy Theme and Drivers of Risk Management Decisions Theme
Building a Network of VAR (Vulnerability, Adaptation, Resilience) Researchers in the Intermountain West
Lisa Dilling, lead



Communication and Societal Change Theme
Environmental and Science Communication Workshops and Curriculum
Phaedra C. Pezzullo, lead



These winners will share their seed-funded accomplishments with the CSTPR community by delivering a Wednesday noontime seminar in the 2018-2019 academic year. Stay tuned.

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