When I think of the beginning of the summer, how scared I was to be part of such a physics-heavy project, I can only laugh at myself now. I had so much doubt that I’d actually be able to understand what I was doing, and the feeling of Imposter’s Syndrome definitely hit me hard. Thanks to my amazing mentor and my own determination, it all makes sense now.

My project is kind of like my baby. I know it well, I understand what I’ve done, and I’ve worked hard to make it come to life all summer. If you ask me about my research, I will gladly discuss it with you because I’m proud of it. I’m so proud to be part of the Geophysics Department at CU Boulder this summer, and I really hope to be here again some day soon.

To think that I’ve come so far and learned so much in just a matter of two months! And I know that I am not alone. So many of us here in the RECCS Program have watched ourselves do the things we never thought were possible. From learning coding languages to doing copious amounts of field work, we’ve developed these skills that are going to stick with us for a life time. I know with my newly found experience installing seismometers and analyzing the data from them, I now have skills that will stay with me as my scientific career grows.

Even though my research on induced seismicity is small, it will still help the scientific community understand the bigger picture on these earthquakes in the Midwest, and I’m so proud to say I have a place in this research. As a community college student who does not come from wealth, I have always been limited in my opportunities to get out and chase my dreams. Yet, here I am, and thanks to the RECCS Program, I have found a comfortable home within the scientific community.

To any future RECCS Interns who might read this blog, you’re in for the most amazing journey of your life.

I never want the summer to end.


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