Update: Things got super awesome today. My project has taken some new direction, but it’s really exciting! Something’s going on with this data, and I think we’ve got some good stuff up our sleeves… I’m getting really excited to present, actually. Does that mean I’ll actually breathe during my talk? Probably not, but at least… Read More

I often times find myself with some sort of word or sentence that gets stuck in my head, like one of those annoying pop songs on the radio. When this happens, I find myself most inspired to craft a poem around the word or sentence. I have been like this my whole life; written language… Read More

No, I’m definitely NOT talking about the children’s band. When I say “wiggles,” I’m referring to the images we see on our seismograms here in the geophysics department when searching for earthquake data. So why exactly does this research matter? Well, earthquakes tend to be a hot topic in geology, and there is definitley a… Read More

Several years ago, my father told me that whenever he heard the song, “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus, he thought about me. Mind you, at the time, I was a rebellious, angsty teenager who refused to be associated with that song. As I’ve grown older, however, that is one of the most meaningful associations I’ve… Read More

Oh gosh, where do I even begin? From experiencing the beauty that is Colorado to meeting some absolutely brilliant minds, I’m having an incredible time so far. Sometimes, it feels like a dream, but it’s actually my reality. Like, whoa! I’m so happy with all of the friendships I’m building through RECCS, because everyone in… Read More