3 people in dark, cold outside

It all went off without a hitch or at least without a big hitch. Well planned in advance, we had the right tools and our specially concocted power system in a box. Beautiful clear skies and cold…. Below -30C for the first time at MOSAiC. The helicopter dropped us off. Dave, Hans, and I at… Read More

L1 flight as high on the agenda today… but kept getting pushed back. Including by a bear visit, which closed down most operations. But finally in the afternoon we were able to hit the air. Loaded our gear on the helicopter….. sled, ladder, shovel, feather duster (great for instrument cleaning), tool box, numerous safety bags,… Read More

frost on scientific equipment

Such an interesting feeling being so unable to respond to problems. We noticed that yesterday at some point our remote atmospheric flux station had a power failure, our fuel cell was no longer charging our batteries. But everything else kept running, living off the slowly draining batteries. We could still monitor the internal temperature, along… Read More

In the past days we’ve put some finishing touches on Met City and I’ve been documenting the detail son our field log book. Truly an amazing place with contributions from at least 14 projects from 5 countries, representing links to all 5 of the MOSAiC science teams. Of course we do atmospheric structure and surface… Read More

Working in the Arctic can, of course, be a huge challenge. The fingers, toes and nose bearing the brunt of it. Delicate instrument work is particularly hard as this often requires taking off warm outer gloves to expose hands with thin or no gloves. But in the end, it is rarely the actual temperature that… Read More