Монгол Xэл (Thanks to Oyu Choijamts for the translation!) I had the wonderful opportunity to go to the annual AAAS meeting held in Vancouver this past week, and man, I’m so glad I did! Here’s a quick wrap-up of some highlights and also links to some of the materials I generated for my visit.… Read More

  Back in December, I asked readers, friends on Facebook, and anyone else who would listen to me to submit some their UB air pollution-related photos either to me or to Thanks to all of you for sharing! Below is a portion of the photos shared – the rest can be accessed in the… Read More

I’m leading a science communication workshop series this semester at the National University of Mongolia this spring, and I’m pretty excited about it!… Read More

I’ve been traveling the past two weeks and just now had a chance to check out the latest UB Air Pollution news. I’ve updated the new News Section on, so you can read all of the latest info there, but two interesting items: (1) The World Bank, in conjunction with the Mongolian Ministry of… Read More now has a “News” page – a page that lists recent articles related to UB air pollution, including reports of government and other organizational air pollution mitigation activities. Check it out!… Read More

Realizing it was a somewhat out-of-left-field request, this past week I emailed Wavemetrics, asking if it were possible to get a few copies of its IGOR Pro software to give and train a few research scientists at the National University of Mongolia. IGOR is a powerful graphing, data analysis, and programming tool for scientists, and… Read More

Why share your photos? With 10% of the moralities in UB conservatively estimated to be resultant from air pollution, residents in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia are currently experiencing nothing less than a full-blown health crisis. We need to be illustrating to the world and reminding ourselves just how serious this problem is. Yet, part of the struggle… Read More

UBASC visited Ulaanbaatar public School #38 again this week. We visited another 9th grade class, and performed the “How Much Air Pollution Do We Breathe in? And what can we do about it?” activity (presentation here, worksheet here). An awesome group of 10 UBASC’ers led the activity. Some pictures below.… Read More

Hey those of you in UB: I will be giving a talk at the UB American Corner on Thursday, November 24, 2011 at 4pm. The talk is entitled “The Earth Like You’ve Never Seen It.” We will discuss a video of some beautiful images of the Earth and its fragile atmosphere recently captured by the International… Read More

Over on my personal blog, I’ve compiled a list of Mongolian language resources, for those wanting to study outside or in Mongolia. If you’re planning on brushing up on your Монгол xэл sometime soon, then you should check it out!… Read More