Check out a post on my personal website to learn more about a new opportunity to participate in a program called Global Science Share that enables participants to expand the international community of scientists and engineers!… Read More

This guest blog post is written by 18-year old Oyu Choijamts. Oyu is a graduate of The Hobby School in Ulaanbaatar and has participated in air pollution outreach activities as a member of UBASC. She will be attending university in the fall at Harvard and wants to major in Environmental Studies. ***************************************** Mongolians are well… Read More

There’s only one source of public information on real-time UB air quality, and that’s from UB resident (and my husband) Joe Flasher recently made an API that spits out data from this site in an easy-to-use format. Check out his API here and/or read his blog entry describing it. Thanks, Joe! Note: At the… Read More

Over on my personal blog (which is now fully recovered from a recent malware attack and is again safe to visit!), is a post on a fantastic recent weekend work retreat I went on with my colleagues at the Nuclear Research Center at the National University of Mongolia. Check it out!… Read More

Prof. Lodoysamba of NUM (my main Mongolian collaborator and featured in MMSS #4) and I were pleased to find out a few weeks ago that a grant we wrote entitled, “Determining sources and health impacts of particulate matter in Ulaanbaatar City to aid and assess current air pollution mitigation efforts” has been funded through a… Read More

Earlier this week, Prof. Tsolmon (featured in MMSS #2) of the National University of Mongolia (NUM), NUM graduate students Baska, Tunga, and Oyudari, and I gave the UBASC activity entitled: “How Much Air Pollution Do We Breathe in?” (presentation and activity in both Mongolian and English located here) to a bunch of NUM physics undergraduates, many of… Read More

Монгол Xэл (Thanks to Oyu Choijamts for the translation!) I’ve been out of blogging-commission the past month or so due to a hectic but very productive trip back to the University of Colorado to do some preliminary analysis of some particulate matter samples from Ulaanbaatar and to pick up some lovely new equipment that I… Read More

I’ve gotten questions from a few people recently about when my year in Mongolia ends. And the answer? It already has! My 10-month Fulbright grant ended in January. However, something I’ve neglected to mention on this blog is that I found out (last spring, heh) that I will be here another year!… Read More

A few months ago, I was given a wonderful opportunity to write an article that details the story of UB air pollution, its current mitigation efforts, and future possible solutions. It’s now published and in the Spring 2012 edition of the World Policy Journal. You can read an online version of the full article here… Read More

Thanks to‘s post (here), I just learned about and wanted to share a new six-part web video series entitled, “Publishing your research 101,” put together by the American Chemical Society. It’s a useful series, as there are several aspects that touch on issues that sometimes are not directly addressed in one’s formal scientific training… Read More