Here’s a clear and simple presentation on how to improve your writing. Specifically, it talks about how to write a strong 5 paragraph essay and how to cite pieces of work in your writing. The talk was given at the Health Sciences University of Mongolia by Peace Corps Volunteer Ned Lederer this past week.… Read More

Монгол Xэл (Thanks to Oyu Choijamts for the translation!) I’ve been out of blogging-commission the past month or so due to a hectic but very productive trip back to the University of Colorado to do some preliminary analysis of some particulate matter samples from Ulaanbaatar and to pick up some lovely new equipment that I… Read More

Монгол Xэл (Thanks to Oyu Choijamts for the translation!) I had the wonderful opportunity to go to the annual AAAS meeting held in Vancouver this past week, and man, I’m so glad I did! Here’s a quick wrap-up of some highlights and also links to some of the materials I generated for my visit.… Read More

UBASC visited Ulaanbaatar public School #38 again this week. We visited another 9th grade class, and performed the “How Much Air Pollution Do We Breathe in? And what can we do about it?” activity (presentation here, worksheet here). An awesome group of 10 UBASC’ers led the activity. Some pictures below.… Read More