Today we got up, had breakfast, and loaded onto the Twin Otter to fly up to the EastGRIP site, which is about 300 km north of Summit Camp. EastGRIP is interesting for a number of scientific reasons. It is the upper end of the NorthEast Greenland Ice Stream (so the site is also known as, or… Read More

The whole team made it back to Kangerlussuaq on Friday evening. The plane was delayed a bit getting to us at Dye-2, but luckily we had a sunny and (reasonably) warm day to wait. Everyone came out of field healthy and in good spirits. Some thought that we did not smell good, but I thought… Read More

There are several things that you can do if you want to be sure that your flight gets delayed. Or, if you want your flight to be on time, you could do the opposite. 5. Spend many hours discussing how good the weather forecast looks. 4. Declare to team mates that you are going to… Read More

We had a pretty wild day since we were stuck in town. I had extra coffee, and then Mike, Achim, and I walked to the lake. On the way, I stepped in a puddle and got my left foot wet. Once we got there, we had tea and coffee, and then we walked back into… Read More