I have completed my portion of ATom-2, landing in Christchurch, New Zealand on February 6th, and leaving New Zealand on February 9th. It took a couple of days for me to readjust my internal clock to where I live (Boulder, CO). Upon writing this post, the NASA DC-8, and the scientists, have already flown to… Read More

Between February 3rd and February 6th, we completed two more legs of the Pacific tour of ATom:  flight from Alaska to Hawaii and flight from Hawaii to Fiji. These two flights allowed us to sample extremely remote northern mid-latitude and tropical Pacific air, to investigate how “remote” versus how impacted this air was with pollutants… Read More

We completed the 2nd flight of ATom-2, flying from Palmdale, CA to Anchorage, AK. This flight provided an opportunity to look at background air, and pollution, as it is entering western United States and Canada, during winter, and to investigate winter Arctic background pollution. One of the nice things about this flight is that it… Read More