So, prior to finishing up KORUS-AQ and getting a break before my next campaign (that will start at the end of July and I will be blogging about that as well), the scientist of KORUS-AQ had one more project to do — SARP. SARP stands for the Student Airborne Research Program, and it is a summer program… Read More

Yesterday marks the end of KORUS-AQ. The NASA DC-8, and the scientists that flew on the DC-8, left South Korea at 3:00 PM (South Korean local time) and arrived back to Palmdale, CA at 2:30 PM (Californian local time). The mission was nearly seven weeks. The three planes that were participated in the mission flew… Read More

There are a lot of goals that many scientist have during this mission, including numerous aspects of atmospheric chemistry and dynamics. The thing I am interested in for the mission are particles or aerosols. What is an aerosol/particle? Particles, or aerosols, are a very important aspect of the atmosphere; however, to understand their importance and… Read More