CU Boulder’s new policy on paid parental leave, effective November 1, grants eligible employees―including university staff, research faculty and some non-tenure track nine-month faculty―six weeks of paid parental leave, to be used within one year of a birth, adoption or foster placement. The new paid leave benefit runs concurrently with and expands the current benefit… Read More

CIRES Education & Outreach team is looking for science mentors to guide Colorado community college students through an authentic research project this summer. Research Experiences for Community College Students (RECCS) allows community college students to explore environmental or geosciences and gain the confidence to transition to a four-year program in the STEM (Science Technology Engineering… Read More

CIRES scientists, developers, IT experts, engineers, postdocs: Get a researcher webpage! Highlight your education, publications, awards and other successes. We can help you set up an automatic publications list. Start by going here: and click on “Request a CIRES Profile.” If you have a page that needs an update or a photo: Update now!… Read More

It is possible the federal government will partially shut down Friday at midnight, and CIRES is working closely with our partners to ensure we give you clear guidance. We plan to share that guidance Wednesday if a partial shutdown seems imminent. In the meantime, consider reviewing this shutdown-related blog post from earlier this year, and… Read More

When reconciling the charges that have hit your P-Card each month, please input the Business Purpose of the purchase on each expense. If the space is not long enough to allow the entire Business Purpose to be entered, please write in what you can and continue the Business Purpose into the Comment field of the… Read More

We have a large number of researchers and staff headed to the American Geophysical Union (AGU) meeting December 10-14, in Washington, D.C. The CIRES Travel group typically processes reimbursement requests within 10-15 business days of receipt. A large portion of our trip reimbursements are processed by our student staff members in CIRES Finance. We are… Read More

Career Track promotion packets are due Friday, December 7, 2018. Promotions recognize career growth and are considered once a year. Consideration for promotion may be informally initiated by you or your CIRES Supervisor or Science Advisor. If you and your Supervisor concur that you are ready for promotion, now is the time to put together… Read More

Colorado Governor Hickenlooper has issued an additional holiday for state employees and the additional holiday for the Boulder campus will be on Monday, Dec. 31. (Tuesday, Jan. 1, is already a campus holiday). All employees will receive eight hours of holiday pay to be used on Dec. 31, prorated for part time. Employees designated as… Read More

From the Director: I’m delighted to let you know that we have hired a new human resources director. William Thompson (“BJ”) will begin Monday November 5, and I hope you will join me in making him feel welcome at CIRES. BJ comes to us from Children’s Hospital Colorado, where he has served as the human… Read More

The results are in! Please sign up for one of the four debrief meetings scheduled between October 25-29.  RSVP is encouraged but not required:  Each meeting will cover CIRES overall, results most relevant to that location (e.g. CIRES@NOAA at the NOAA location), and discuss next steps.  … Read More