If you are interested in applying to the Bezos Earth Fund AI Climate Phase 1 submission, due July 30, 2024 – please contact CIRES Proposals immediately so a Proposal Analyst can assist with your submission. The proposal submission comes with Terms and Conditions that cannot be worked out on short notice, and it is possible… Read More

CIRES research faculty and staff can use up to 16 hours of time for volunteer activities each year. Supervisor approval is required for all volunteer hours ahead of time. In MyLeave please “submit a request” under the earnings code “Volunteer – Administrative Leave”.  Please see here for full leave policy details from CU Boulder HR.… Read More

Girls* on Rock is looking for 18+, female-identifying, and non-binary volunteer gear fairies. Girls* on Rock is a 12-day expedition program aimed at supporting girls* in their pursuits of science, art, and the outdoors. A portion of the expedition is spent at a front country campsite, and some in the backcountry. When the team transitions to and… Read More

Entering vacation and sick leave into the MyLeave system is a monthly requirement for all employees.Completing this accurately and in a timely manor benefits you with correct leave accruals, and benefits HR by allowing us to accurately assist or advise in cases of extended leave, or other special circumstances. View the MyLeave overview recording, presented by… Read More

PROCUREMENT CARD ESSENTIALS – please help CIRES stay compliant! For more details, please visit: https://insidecires.colorado.edu/finance/purchasing/monthlyReports.html; https://www.cu.edu/psc/procurement-card-handbook/procurement-card If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact Lin Yang at Lin.Yang@colorado.edu… Read More

In order to comply with CU Boulder’s OIT secure computing standard, CIRES IT is asking everyone to please install Microsoft Defender on any CIRES/CU issued computer.  Below are installation guides for Windows and MacOS.  Windows – https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HK9fjwXQpr99UKJPU0EPJpDgbSKKuFqyjiOniGFOvw4  MacOS – https://docs.google.com/document/d/1l6dAwGvOSIiHvF0ZIB6fFhWYUfP4yt8nicWBa3fiogA  Once installed please fill out this survey to let us know it’s complete.  Please email ciresithelp@colorado.edu if you have any questions or would like help… Read More

Friday, July 5, 2024, will be a paid administrative leave day for the CU Boulder campus, aligning with Governor Polis’s decision to observe the day as an additional state holiday. This note is to confirm that most CIRES researchers are eligible for this additional leave.   Some details: If you have any questions about the above… Read More

A reminder that employees paid through federal funds must regularly certify the effort spent on projects through ePERS: electronic Personnel Effort Reports.  We need everyone’s help getting ePERs certified as quickly as possible so that we are compliant with CU policy and federal regulations. If you’ve already certified your Spring 2024 ePERS, thanks! If not, please log… Read More

1. We do not advise booking flights with Frontier Airlines. If Frontier Airlines is appearing as the first/least expensive option in your Concur search, you are still allowed to book with another airline. If you go to book a different airline and a pop-up box appears asking why you are not booking the least expensive… Read More

NOAA email forwarding rules changed recently in a way that likely impacts some CIRES employees working embedded at NOAA: If you have your colorado.edu emails forwarded to your NOAA.gov address, incoming messages will bounce. We are gathering information on those likely impacted directly. If you are among them, you’ll see a direct note from CIRES… Read More