Please contact if you are planning to be a CIRES PI or Co-PI on a proposal to Solicitation NOAA-OAR-WPO-2023-2007516 for the Weather Program Office (due November 17) and/or the NOAA Solicitation NOAA-OAR-CPO-2023-2007440 for the Climate Program Office (due November 21).… Read More

The Labor Condition Application (LCA) is an application filed by prospective employers on behalf of workers applying for work authorization for the non-immigrant statuses. This posting is for Hydrologist and will be posted here from September 28 to October 11 to meet immigration requirements. On October 11, the posting will be removed.… Read More

Employees at CIRES are able to download or purchase the following software for a free or very low cost: National Instruments – LabView – Free for CIRES Employees Adobe Acrobat Pro – Free Adobe Creative Cloud – $95/year ArcGIS – Free Microsoft Office – Free IDL/ENVI – $3 MatLab – Free Many other titles:… Read More

Virtual vs. In-Person Attendance. If you plan to attend a conference in-person, you will need to complete a CIRES Employee Travel Request via Inside CIRES and seek approval from CIRES Travel. If you are planning to attend a conference virtually, you do not need to seek travel approval from CIRES Travel. When attending a conference,… Read More

Dear CIRES colleagues,  September 1, we will begin our new cooperative agreement with NOAA, and I remain delighted that we have the opportunity to continue our longstanding relationship with the agency.  Many of you have wondered about the conventions we plan to use in paper affiliations, professional bios, etc. I am providing guidance below, and… Read More

This is our quarterly reminder about tracking your publications, required by our cooperative agreement with NOAA and part of your annual self-assessments. Tracking your publications helps you better report your successes and helps CIRES better report institute-wide success to funders such as NOAA and CU Boulder. By September 9, please update your journal publication list… Read More

CIRES has updated its process related to work modality agreements to align with new campus protocols. This includes an updated online work modality agreement form, to be completed by an employee to request a hybrid, in-person, or fully remote work agreement.  The employee should consult with their supervisor in advance of completing an agreement.  Supervisors… Read More

CIRES Property would like announce the following equipment has become available for use. If you are interested in using this equipment, or if you have any questions, please contact Lin Yang. Tag 202704 – Bubble Dryer TEMCO BD-1000 Custodian: Randy Shearer, Serial Number: 6427, Date Acquired: 04/01/2006, Location: EKLC M274A, Value: $98,121 Tag 148283 –… Read More

CIRES Mentoring Program launches on September 5. This 8-month program is designed to build connections across CIRES and NOAA, foster career development, and enhance a sense of community and belonging within the research institute. The program is open to all career stages from new arrivals to senior staff; new hires are especially encouraged to join.… Read More

As you finish out your ASA process for 2022, please remember that the rating sheet and supervisor’s assessment that is generated at the end of the process needs to be signed by the employee and supervisor (both pages) and routed to HR for uploading to your personnel record. Please see these step-by-step instructions on how… Read More