Hello CIRES colleagues, During this week’s Town Hall meeting, there were some questions about on-campus parking options for those who will begin returning to campus in the coming months. We contacted Parking Services and received the following answers to some of the questions that were asked: Question:  Is there a part-time or hybrid-employee parking permit… Read More

Many of you have seen the notification that the Board of Regents approved a 2% campus-wide post-pandemic payment for faculty, researchers, and university staff. As confirmed in today’s email from the Chancellor, this payment will be made using CU funds, not CIRES’ funds, and will be paid out in your July 30 paycheck. More details on eligibility and how… Read More

CU Boulder Human Resources is offering three briefings for managers and supervisors regarding remote working and alternative work schedule guidelines and policies.  After the session, participants will be able to: Explain the guiding principles and guidance for remote working and alternative work schedules Apply the guidance and tools to begin the planning process for their… Read More

The University of Colorado announced on April 28 that its four campuses and system administration will require all students, faculty and staff to have COVID vaccinations before the start of fall semester 2021. CU’s president and campus chancellors made the decision after consulting state and local health departments, as well as CU experts. Read the communication… Read More

The University of Colorado experienced a cyber attack on a vulnerability in software provided by third-party vendor Accellion, which alerted the university in late January. CU is one of many Accellion customers that were affected by the attack. We believe personally identifiable information from students, employees and others may have been compromised. The Office of… Read More

Two new meetup series will follow on the Racial Equity Challenge for Institutes. Both meetups happen first Fridays at  2:30, starting on May 7.  People who identify as Black, Indigenous or other Person of Color (BIPOC) may sign up here. People who identify as an ally may sign up here. The new inter-Institute Diversity and… Read More

CU Boulder has many dedicated support and advocacy support resources available for the campus community. Individuals can access the full list of services here. For specific ways to help trauma survivors please visit this link. The Faculty Staff Assistance Program (FSAP) and the Office of Victim Assistance (OVA) are available to assist faculty, staff and students. FSAP and OVA… Read More

This is a reminder (in this strange year) that CIRES staff based at CU Boulder have a holiday on Friday, March 26. Although students’ Spring Break is disrupted this year, staff and research scientists still get a day off. NOAA-based CIRES people who follow the federal schedule do not get this holiday.… Read More

This is the regular reminder about affiliations, with some additions this spring. Please note 4 key things:  CIRES researchers should include their CIRES affiliation in all publications, conference presentations, bios, and emails. We should not represent ourselves as federal employees. For CIRES researchers at NOAA, the easiest way to do this is to use dual… Read More

CU Boulder has granted discretion to departments and institutes to set our own policies around people taking time off to get vaccinated. CIRES policy is the following: Please either 1) adjust your work schedule to get the vaccine without taking time off, or 2) if time doesn’t allow for such adjustment, use sick leave.… Read More