Does your grant support travel for GRAs or undergraduate students? Here are a couple of options for supporting their travel costs that don’t require your students to pay for costs out-of-pocket: Getting a CU Travel Card: CU employees, including GRAs and undergraduate research assistants, are eligible to receive a corporate liability Travel Card. Your grant… Read More

If you have a P-Card and you have a trip coming up, please take a look at your P-card transactions in Concur and get them submitted before your trip. If you’re travelling to a location where internet access is unreliable, please send an email to Aly Nahum, the CIRES Property & Purchasing Manager, within two… Read More

Beginning on January 6, 2020, the Procurement Service Center (PSC) will allow travelers access to book international flights through Concur. After your trip request has been approved, you may book your international airfare through either Concur or Christopherson Business Travel (CBT). There is no cost for booking international travel through Concur; international travel booked through… Read More

There is currently a system-wide issue with Concur, where folks are not seeing the “Travel” tab that allows them to get airfare quotes or book their airfare or make other travel arrangements. This issue is wide-spread across most Concur users at CU and is being addressed. The Procurement Service Center (PSC) does not have an… Read More

The process to change the Approving Official for CIRES PCard holders did take longer than expected, which caused some PCard holders to have to delay the submission of their current PCard report. The Procurement Service Center (PSC) has made it clear that no violation points will be assessed for reports that have unsubmitted expenses at… Read More

Have you submitted a travel voucher to us recently? Our travel team has a current processing time of 15 business days for travel reimbursements. Thank you for your patience as we work through the current heavy volume of reimbursement requests!… Read More

Keep your receipts. The university requires an itemized receipt, showing proof of payment ($0 balance due), for any transactions of $75 or more. Per Diem. You can check the General Services Administration (GSA) website to see the meals & incidentals rates for the location you’re headed to: San Francisco ($76); Boston ($71). The rate on… Read More

Per CCO policy, individual membership fees are not an allowable cost on sponsored projects unless the award has an institutional allowance. In most cases, CIRES considers these costs personal, which means they are not reimbursable with CIRES funds. In some cases, registration fees may be deemed beneficial to the institute and may be charged to… Read More

Generally, the university does not allow employees or research groups to use university funds for donations to external entities. The university defines donations as both cash or other contributions of food/consumables, supplies, computers or other items to an external entity. In some cases, the university may grant approval for a specific donation or sponsorship. This… Read More