Starting this week, you will see a new feature in CIRES event emails: ICS files. CIRES Communications is creating these calendar event files for your convenience—they may help you quickly import events like CIRES Town Halls or seminars into your personal calendars.   What’s an ICS File?  An ICS file is a calendar file saved… Read More

CIRES HR has been fielding many questions about the Annual Leave Certification process, which must be completed by August 26, so we compiled information for everyone. Let us know if you have further questions; please email   Background: Per Regent Policy, 12-month faculty and university staff are required to annually confirm their leave accruals, and supervisors… Read More

Dear CIRES Colleagues, A partial government shutdown seems likely at this point. We will continue to monitor the dynamic situation in Washington, DC, and plan to update InsideCIRES and the Admin Blog as warranted. It is feasible we will not have any news for you before 10 pm tonight (midnight Eastern), so as you leave… Read More

Employees paid through federal funds must regularly certify the effort spent on projects through ePERS:  electronic Personnel Effort Reports. If you’re certified already, thanks! If not, please log into the campus portal now: Several employees’ certifications are overdue, putting us out of compliance with CU policy. To access the ePERS page, log in to your… Read More