Dear CIRES Colleagues who work at NOAA, As many of you are likely aware, the U.S. House has passed legislation to avert a partial government shutdown tomorrow, by extending current agency funding levels through next Friday, December 18. News outlets report the Senate is likely to do the same. CIRES will be monitoring the situation… Read More

Pre-awardThe CIRES Proposal Team is checking the federal funding agency sites daily to identify any proposal due date extensions resulting from the lengthy shutdown. As we become aware of extensions, the team will communicate directly with the PIs affected. NSF has created a Resumption of Operation Page and asked that proposers, awardees and reviewers who… Read More

Dear CIRES Colleagues, So! After today’s announcement by the President and positive signals from Congressional leaders, the federal government is poised to reopen fully under spending bills that would be effective for three weeks, until February 15. Those of you who have been working outside your normal offices and laboratories, with limited or no access… Read More

The Finance Office Proposal Team ( is here to assist with your proposal submissions. At this time, CU’s Office of Contracts and Grants (OCG) is recommending PIs proceed with submissions despite the fact we may not have all the required information from our federal partners.  Once the government re-opens, OCG will be able to demonstrate… Read More

The partial federal government shutdown has created a wide variety of challenges for most of us at CIRES. To our NOAA-based people: I sincerely appreciate all you’ve done to remain productive; keep in touch with your colleagues and supervisors as you work from home, the library, or elsewhere; deal with childcare challenges; and struggle to… Read More

Some of you, working in various NOAA groups, have gotten divergent guidance from federal leaders about whether you can use your gmail and other Google Suite services during the partial government shutdown. I am grateful for all of you who are sending in notes that help us understand this diversity of federal guidance. We… Read More

The U.S. government has partially shut down. You are not a federal employee and you have the support of CIRES and University of Colorado Boulder administrative staff. You should continue to work, and you can expect your paycheck to arrive on time, as usual. However, there are things you cannot do during a shutdown. Most… Read More

Dear CIRES Colleagues, A partial government shutdown seems likely at this point. We will continue to monitor the dynamic situation in Washington, DC, and plan to update InsideCIRES and the Admin Blog as warranted. It is feasible we will not have any news for you before 10 pm tonight (midnight Eastern), so as you leave… Read More

Dear CIRES Colleagues, Once again, we are approaching a critical time by which Congress must take action to avert a partial government shutdown that would go into effect Friday at midnight. At this point, a shutdown does not seem likely, but given the possibility, I wanted to send this guidance now, so you can plan… Read More