Some of you, working in various NOAA groups, have gotten divergent guidance from federal leaders about whether you can use your gmail and other Google Suite services during the partial government shutdown. I am grateful for all of you who are sending in notes that help us understand this diversity of federal guidance. We are continuing to seek clarity as the shutdown situation evolves.

When seeking to understand what is allowed and what is not, please first follow any clear guidance from appropriate federal authorities: If your branch chief or division director says you may use your email, please do. If she or he says you may not, please do not—instead, use your email. Directions for accessing email are here,
and for turning off redirects are here.

In the absence of clear direction from federal leadership, please follow CIRES guidance, which we shared with OAR leadership before the shutdown.

We understand AMS is just around the corner. We do not expect any impact on CIRES travel.