The Finance Office Proposal Team ( is here to assist with your proposal submissions. At this time, CU’s Office of Contracts and Grants (OCG) is recommending PIs proceed with submissions despite the fact we may not have all the required information from our federal partners.  Once the government re-opens, OCG will be able to demonstrate that we met agency deadlines and will request an opportunity to amend our applications to add missing information resulting from the shutdown. A PI considering a possible extension to the submittal date may choose to not submit at this time. But, in the in the absence of direct communication from the federal agencies regarding extensions, we encourage PIs to err on the side of caution and proceed with their submissions.

Please be aware will be down for maintenance from 12:01 AM on 1/19/19 through 6:00 AM ET on 1/22/19.

OCG requests that we give them 5 business days to process a proposal but we recognize that during the shutdown, it’s very difficult make progress.  We ask for as much time as possible in order to provide assistance to our PIs but will do our best given the amount of time we have available to prepare budgets, assemble the application package and complete a review.  We’ll then forward the proposal to OCG for their processing and formal submittal. Proposals will be processed as quickly as possible on a first-come, first-served basis.

We understand our PIs in DSRC are not able to obtain a letter of support from the lab directors and we will not hold up a submission since this is a document internal to CIRES.

For submissions that require a document from a federal partner, the CIRES Proposal Team can assist with composing text to include in the proposal application that will address our inability to obtain the letter during the current shutdown.

For proposals where we don’t have information from our federal partners to build complete budgets, consider the level of effort that is needed to perform the proposed work and we will build a budget with “To Be Named” personnel in order to have something to submit.

Please don’t hesitate to contact with any questions or concerns.

Thank you,

CIRES Finance Office Proposal Team