The U.S. government has partially shut down. You are not a federal employee and you have the support of CIRES and University of Colorado Boulder administrative staff. You should continue to work, and you can expect your paycheck to arrive on time, as usual.

However, there are things you cannot do during a shutdown. Most importantly: If your work location is the NOAA building or other federal facility, please do not report to work in that building unless your federal partners include you in a communication about “orderly shutdown activities.” In the absence of information from federal colleagues, please do not access a federal facility during a shutdown and do not take any action that would result in new federal government expenditures. During a shutdown, consult with your CIRES supervisor—not your federal colleagues—for guidance, and please don’t hesitate to reach out to my team for help, too. If there is any confusion about what is allowed, please err on the conservative side. Contact me, our HR Director BJ Thompson or Lornay Hansen, the assistant to the director.

Our detailed guidance, sent earlier this week, is posted here. As noted, it is possible you will receive conflicting information from federal leadership: In such a case, please always follow federal guidance.

After the holidays (December 24 and 25 are holidays for all of us) consider working at home, in a coffee shop, in the CIRES Atrium, at Norlin Library, etc. We have identified a limited number of open desks and conference rooms; please contact our Front Office, 303-492-1143, about availability. CU Boulder has computer labs that you may access as a CU Boulder employee: You will need your Identikey and Identikey password to log in.