Dear CIRES Community,

Covid-19 has altered many aspects of our personal and professional lives. Even when we continue to make significant contributions at work, telecommuting without a definite date for returning to the office may result in feelings of isolation, anxiety, or even depression. These feelings could arise from our limited social interactions, juggling additional responsibilities at home, or could originate from our current overall uncertainty. This is a time when finding support in our CIRES community is important. The CIRES HR team wants you to know we value your work and your well-being. CIRES HR would like to encourage you to make use of the resources offered by the University and to remind you we are here to offer support as well.

Below, please find helpful tips and campus resources to support you, or reach out directly to

We are here for you.

The CIRES HR Team:
Janet Garcia: Visa Coordinator
Lucia Harrop: Senior Administrative Associate & NOAA Liaison
Angela Knight: CIRES HR Director
Nancy Lathrop: Senior HR Generalist
LuAnn Line: Payroll Liaison
Jasmine Moore: HR Generalist
Jimena Ugaz: HR Generalist

Workshops for Self-Care & Personal Growth:Please consult this link for presentations addressing Anxiety (July 15), Supporting the mental health of your employees (July 21), and tips for Work/Life Balance while working from home (July 27).Mental Health Webinar series offered by Anschutz mental health expert Alex Yannacone. Join one of her interactive trainings to strengthen your well-being repertoire. This series of webinars is scheduled for July 28th-30th, spaces are limited and participants are encouraged to sign-up as soon as possible.
Join SilverCloud to Help overcome symptoms of Stress, Anxiety and Depression:
SilverCloud provides a “space for thinking and feeling better.” Join this program and complete interactive modules focused on techniques and exercises to combat stress, anxiety and depression at your own pace.

Free Telehealth Counseling:
Faculty & Staff Assistance Program offers free counseling and referrals for CU employees and their dependents. Please read about the details here.

CU’s Guidance Resources for Supervisors during Covid-19:
Please consult this link for guidance on managing performance reviews remotely, developing better communication strategies, adapting to flexible work schedules and more during the COVID-19 situation.

How to Schedule and Lead an Effective E-Meetings:
Instructions for scheduling for Zoom can be found here. Instructions for scheduling Google Meet can be found here. Please refer to the article for additional tips on how to engage your employees with remote technologies.

Learning and Development:
This may be a great time for a new training on management skills or organizational development. Please browse through this page to explore learning resources offered by CU.