CIRES users are currently being targeted by a fraudulent email that appears to come from CIRES Director, Waleed Abdalati but is coming from the email: The Subject Line is listed as “Available ?” Please do not reply to this email and simply delete it. If you are ever suspicious of an email, please do not… Read More

CU Campus Town Hall Video available on request: Chat Transcript:09:00:02 From Katy Human : Welcome, everyone! Please mute for now09:00:24 From Katy Human : Feel free to ask questions here in chat, or by unmuting yourself and asking out loud09:02:01 From Matthew Burgess : Are there any updates on H1-B renewal and change of… Read More

Dear CIRES Community, Covid-19 has altered many aspects of our personal and professional lives. Even when we continue to make significant contributions at work, telecommuting without a definite date for returning to the office may result in feelings of isolation, anxiety, or even depression. These feelings could arise from our limited social interactions, juggling additional… Read More

As remote work continues, please be diligent about maintaining good ergonomics. CU has numerous resources to help you address ergonomic concerns and instructions on how to properly set up your workstation. Please note that home workstation set ups are the responsibility of the employee and CIRES does not provide furniture or equipment.  This training video… Read More

CU Campus Town Hall Video available on request: Chat Transcript: 08:55:10 From Katy Human : Welcome, everyone!09:01:21 From Katy Human : Hi, everyone! Feel free to type questions in here anytime – I’ll track them and work to get them answered.09:06:31 From Katy Human : cireshr@colorado.edu09:10:43 From Katy Human : return-to-research instructions (CIRES Admin… Read More

Return to Research Instructions Everyone who needs to return to research in person — whether on CU Boulder campus, the DSRC, or in the field — must fill out a CU Boulder request form (“Requesting Approval for Return to Campus…”). Everyone returning to in-person work must also complete a Skillsoft-based safety training. Requests will be… Read More