Many of you have seen the notification that the Board of Regents approved a 2% campus-wide post-pandemic payment for faculty, researchers, and university staff. As confirmed in today’s email from the Chancellor, this payment will be made using CU funds, not CIRES’ funds, and will be paid out in your July 30 paycheck. More details on eligibility and how… Read More

CU Boulder Human Resources is offering three briefings for managers and supervisors regarding remote working and alternative work schedule guidelines and policies.  After the session, participants will be able to: Explain the guiding principles and guidance for remote working and alternative work schedules Apply the guidance and tools to begin the planning process for their… Read More

CU Boulder has many dedicated support and advocacy support resources available for the campus community. Individuals can access the full list of services here. For specific ways to help trauma survivors please visit this link. The Faculty Staff Assistance Program (FSAP) and the Office of Victim Assistance (OVA) are available to assist faculty, staff and students. FSAP and OVA… Read More

This is a reminder (in this strange year) that CIRES staff based at CU Boulder have a holiday on Friday, March 26. Although students’ Spring Break is disrupted this year, staff and research scientists still get a day off. NOAA-based CIRES people who follow the federal schedule do not get this holiday.… Read More

Given the potential for inclement weather over the weekend and into Monday, this is a reminder of the current weather-related protocols for campus and DSRC-based employees.  DSRC-based employees: Follow local guidance from NOAA building regarding delays and closures. Employees should be prepared to work remotely as appropriate. Campus-based employees: Under current circumstances, both in-person and remote regular employees… Read More

CIRES Annual Summary of Accomplishments (ASA) are due on June 30. Two recorded training sessions are offered. For employees working embedded in the NOAA labs. Recording can be viewed here. Slides at the link below. For employees who work on CU campus: recording can be viewed here. Slides are at the link below. These trainings… Read More

CU Boulder and CU System have policies around Workplace Bullying and Ethical Behavior to which all employees are expected to adhere. Both also have guidance on expectations of inclusive excellence:    Workplace Bullying APS (administrative policy statement) Code of Conduct APS: Principles of Ethical Behavior Inclusive Excellence competency Colorado Creed: As a member of the Boulder community and the University of… Read More

Please join CIRES and CU HR for a four part supervisor training series. Appropriate for new and continuing supervisors. Each Wednesday starting on February 10 at 10:00 am. Sessions will be approximately an hour. All sessions will be recorded and posted on insideCIRES Admin News blog as well. Topics and links below. Federal partners are… Read More

Office of Faculty Affairs recently sent out guidance to all faculty asking for completion of the FRPA. CIRES does not require completion of the FRPA for our research faculty at this time. The FRPA is primarily intended for tenure-track faculty and full-time instructors. CIRES employees are currently required to complete the DEPA and Annual Summary of Accomplishments each year, which… Read More