Today is our last day (so long as the flight shows up) at Alert station. We had a very successful day at the GAW lab yesterday and managed to get all of the large tasks completed! All of our new instruments are up and running and collecting day 🙂 Several other instruments were taken down… Read More

Today was colder than yesterday with clear skies and windy conditions. The winds were howling and snow was beginning to drift. We successfully installed our flux measurements and they are recording data overnight to test their success. Tomorrow we will adjust the height structures of our new measurements and continue with our other instrument work.… Read More

Today was an excellent and long work day, we accomplished a lot and were able to get everything running, collecting data and communicating with the data acquisition system! Tomorrow we will work on installing the instruments and systems outside. Today was a bit windy, which made the temperature drop considerably. We hope tomorrow is more… Read More

Just reading the blog from our colleagues Gijs DeBoer and Matthew Shupe who are over at Oliktok Point in Alaska. (Check them out at Looking at their pictures of an open ocean and a wet and brown tundra the contrast could not be any greater. Looking at a map (see we don’t seem… Read More

Today was a great day in the field! We were able to get out to the lab at a reasonable hour and get our communications set up between the instruments. The station weather was crystal clear but chilly (about -20 degC). We could finally see our surroundings and it was beautiful! There are rolling hills… Read More

We arrived to Trenton Canada on Monday where we over-night’d to catch a plane at the CFB the following morning at 6am. We flew out on a C130 cargo plane headed for Resolute Bay, Canada (our mid-way point before flying to Alert – took about 6.5 hrs of flight time). Resolute Bay was amazing and… Read More