Today was an excellent and long work day, we accomplished a lot and were able to get everything running, collecting data and communicating with the data acquisition system! Tomorrow we will work on installing the instruments and systems outside. Today was a bit windy, which made the temperature drop considerably. We hope tomorrow is more calm for our outdoor installations. We weren’t able to see much sun today and the light was more dim than yesterday. On our drive back to the station from the lab we were able to see the moon peak out from behind the clouds, which made for a lovely drive back. Throughout the day the wind drifted snow over most of the roadway and paths back to the station. The tall road markers and path ropes are an absolute necessity when travelling between the different buildings and to/from the station to the lab. We were told that there were three polar bears near the station, but none of them have created any type of disruption… we are after all in their territory 😉

Overall, it was a great day and we are all exhausted from the days activities. We look forward to another productive day tomorrow!

All the best,
The Arctic Team

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