Since my last blog post we’ve been busy flying our Aerosondes to Terra Nova Bay. After our first successful flights on the night of the 18th we launched two more Aerosondes to Terra Nova Bay for overnight flights on the 19th. All was going well with these flights until the generator belt on one of… Read More

We completed our first successful Aerosonde UAV science flights to Terra Nova Bay last night and we are all really happy to finally be getting the data we’ve come here for. Nick, Cam, Peter, and I went out to the Pegasus ice runway yesterday afternoon to launch two Aerosondes for the overnight mission. You can… Read More

It has been a busy, but frustrating, week since I last wrote. We’ve been working hard trying to get our UAVs to Terra Nova Bay to make the measurements we need for our research but we keep running into problems. After our local test flight last Sunday (9 September) we had a couple of days… Read More

After what seems like a long wait we’ve finally had our first Aerosonde flight yesterday. While we haven’t completed a science flight yet we are getting closer to that goal. Everything always seems to take longer than you expect down here and this trip has been no different. Since we arrived two weeks are we’ve… Read More

In my earlier blog posts I’ve been complaining that the weather here in McMurdo hasn’t been Antarctic enough for my liking but today the weather has “improved” quite a bit and is much more “enjoyable”. We’ve had condition 2 weather on and off all day since lunch. Many of the buildings in McMurdo have electronic… Read More

I’ve been in Antarctica for a bit more than 4 days now and we are slowly getting all of our science equipment setup and ready to use. The last WinFly flight of the season arrived 2 nights ago and now we won’t see another flight arrive until October 1st. It is always a strange feeling… Read More

After a 4 day delay in Christchurch and a week since I left home I arrived in Antarctica last night (27 August) at 8PM. The weather in Antarctica makes flight schedules relatively meaningless. Over the past week there were 5 flights scheduled to fly from Christchurch, New Zealand to McMurdo Station, Antarctica as part of… Read More

  It has been just over 6 months since I got back from my last Antarctic trip and once again I am heading to Antarctica. It is the end of winter in the Southern Hemisphere so the weather waiting for us in Antarctica will be quite a bit colder than on my last trip. I’ve… Read More