This past week we checked on and collected nests from nest boxes in and around Boulder. Chickadee breeding season is coming to a close for the season here in Boulder. Boulder had approximately 30 cultivated nests used in the available nest boxes housed in trees and contained in North and Central Boulder areas. We also came across a few wren nests which are primarily built from sticks and were utilizing the nest boxes. We also located a nest box on campus that housed red breasted pygmy nuthatches and their 7 nestlings. We banded all 7 nestlings this weekend. The nestlings were 11 days old but had over another week until they would be ready to fledge from their nest and parents.

The MRS proved to be challenging due to the snow pack and the snow run-off, which makes streams seem as if raging rivers. There were a few boxes that were inaccessible and others that took a combination of perseverance athleticism in order to find their location(s). There does not seem to be as much going on at the MRS regarding wildlife as there is at Sugarloaf. There are many different types of bird species in this area, along with deer, chipmunks, owls, foxes, and hawks. As challenging as an area can be due to elevation, ascent, and/or weather conditions it is such a good time to be out there and to feel your work has a purpose. I’m grateful each day to have this opportunity.

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