This week went by very fast! Full of fun with the other interns and interesting results upon completing tasks this week, I’d say this has been the best week yet. This week I have gotten much closer to receiving results. As such, I’ve started to put more effort into the poster board and have a bunch more ideas on how to make it. Only 3 weeks left to go now.

As the title says, this week did go by fast but there was also a lot of slow times. My code files have gotten so large that, when running new data or when I’ve changed data, running the files can take about an hour, which leaves some free time.

This week I also got to help out another intern with gathering Crowdmag data. That was fun mostly because it was a small break from doing the same thing each day. Another fun part of this week was my find in the gift shop. This last semester I ended up learning about Nikola Tesla. I ended up having a discussion last week that involved the same topic, and upon coming to work I saw there was a Tesla t-shirt in the NOAA gift shop. Nerds for the win!

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