Today we had two burns, one of them large enough to give the chamber high enough concentration for a long aging experiment. Calibrations and minor instrument fixes are well underway this afternoon, which will ensure high data quality going forward.
– The fire crew thinks it will take about 45 minutes between each burn to get ready for the next burn, so you can plan for that time between routine burns from now on.
– The chamber needs quite some preparation work in the morning and therefore we are planning to make the second burn of the day a large fire that is needed to fill the chamber. The first burn of the day will be a regular size fire.
– No 5PM de-briefing today.

by K. Zarzana

by K. Zarzana

TENTATIVE Plan for the upcoming days:
10/07 9AM Lodgepole (regular fire)
10:30AM Lodgepole (large fire)
1:30 PM Englemann Spruce (regular fire)
3PM  Englemann Spruce (regular fire)

10/08 9AM TBD (regular fire)
10:30AM Englemann Spruce (large fire)
3 fires in the afternoon TBD

10/09 calibration/data analysis/down day
fuels gathering for fire crew

10/10 5 burns TBD
short science presentations

Jim, Carsten, Bob

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