It seems like such a flurry of activity getting packed up and ready to go.  Doing work in Africa is different than doing work here in the USA.  Things are not generally available in Zambia, so I have to try and remember everything I might possibly need.  I need to bring supplies to filter my own water, supplies for research, and supplies for every day living (tent, sleeping bag, stove, pots and pans, etc.).  I am really excited to go because Zambia is a wonderful place, but I am also a little apprehensive as it means so much time away from my friends and family.  I will be leaving the Colorado winter for the Zambian summer.  I just hope that I am remembering everything I might need.  Wish me luck!


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  • Good luck in getting everything together. I look forward to the posts of your adventures! Bon voyage.

  • Hey John!

    Keep us up to date with your work! We are looking forward to following your blog as part of our weekly current event time on Fridays!

    The kids loved the stories you told of your past travels and research. We are living vicariously through this experience!

    Be well and keep us posted.

    • Hello Ian and all at Casey! I will try to keep you updated as much as possible. I cannot get internet very often here but when I can I will send you a line!

  • Hope all is well,
    It would be great to share your adventure with the students. Im sure they would love to see your work and progress. Good Luck!

    • Hi Mr. Leary and all at Casey! I hope you are doing well. I will let you know what is going on whenever I have internet access!

  • Hey John,

    We’re going to be doing some learning in class over the next few weeks that will be focused on earth’s water and, specifically, how our daily decisions can influence the watershed in which we live.

    I wonder if you could give us some insight into water availability and use in the area that you are living and working? What strategies do people use to coexist with water as a resource in light of the ecosystem as a whole?

    Hope this finds you well.


    • Yes…water is very important! Here in Zambia there are two seasons: (1) the wet season (Dec-Mar) where it rains every day, and (2) the dry season where in NEVER rains. People have to grow their crops in the wet season unless they have access to irrigation then they can grow them in the dry season as well. People with money are able to have deep wells that they use a hand pump to bring up to the surface. Most people however have to haul all the water they use in containers balanced on their head! You can imagine that if you had to carry ALL the water you used a mile or 2 then you would probably use a lot less water! Because there is a wet and dry season most of the plants are really green for part of the year and really dry and dead-looking the other part of the year. This place looks very different if you look in March and then again in November! Most people like to do game drives looking for animals during the dry season because all the plants are brown and shriveled which makes it easier to see them than when the grass is green and full.

  • Be sure to bring us back some fried caterpillars! Yum…

    Hope the trip and course go well, now that the excitement is over.


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