The Bangweulu Floodplains is in a very remote are of Zambia.  It is a huge wetland that turns into a huge lake as you move west.  This area is used by a lot of fishermen for most of the year.  These fishermen are catching fish both for themselves but also to sell.  They can make more money with one night of fishing than a farmer can with a whole year of farming!  This wetland is very important for people but also for wildlife.  The plains (which are flooded part of the year) support large herds of black lechwe antelope as well as buffalo, zebra, and elephant.  The wetlands also host an amazing diversity of birds, both migrants and residents.  The Bangweulu wetlands are one of the best birding areas in the world!  People come from all over the world to see birds here.  Because this area is so important to both people and animals, the area is comanaged by both the government and the local people.  This is very difficult to do, but for any rules and regulations to have any hope of working, they must have the full support of the people as well as the help of the people to enforce them.  This is truly an amazing place that is very important for people and animals!