Well, we have seen some amazing things while traveling in Zambia.  Growing up I never thought I would get to travel to such far away places, but I worked hard in school and followed my dreams and now I work and get paid to travel and look at all the amazing plants and animals this… Read More

We were lucky enough to spend 4 days hiking in Lavushi Manda National Park.  Lavushi Manda was extensively poached in the 1970s and 1980s and poaching has continued up to the present day.  The Kasanka Trust has just recently taken over Lavushi Manda and is now trying to start protecting the park and re-introduce wildlife. … Read More

The Bangweulu Floodplains is in a very remote are of Zambia.  It is a huge wetland that turns into a huge lake as you move west.  This area is used by a lot of fishermen for most of the year.  These fishermen are catching fish both for themselves but also to sell.  They can make… Read More

We had a great chance to stay at Kasanka National Park for almost a week!  Kasanka National Park is one of the smallest national parks in Zambia.  It is protected by a private organization called the Kasanka Trust.  This park is known for a large number of antelopes called puku as well as an extremely… Read More

We got the chance to visit a real Zambian village!  It was very difficult to get there.  We had to drive over really rough roads for over 6 hours.  In Zambia a lot of the roads are just dirt.  In the wet season rain washes the roads out, making them muddy and very difficult to… Read More

We have really been busy these last few days! We went down to Livingstone which is the tourist capital of Zambia. They call it this because it is where Victoria Falls is located.   Victoria Falls is the largest uninterrupted wall of water in the world. You can’t walk up to it without getting really… Read More

Everyone has arrived safe and sound here in Zambia. The weather here has been rainier than usual. Zambia has two distinct seasons: (i) the rainy season from December through March where it rains every day, and (ii) the dry season from April through November during which it does not rain at all. This year however… Read More

It seems like such a flurry of activity getting packed up and ready to go.  Doing work in Africa is different than doing work here in the USA.  Things are not generally available in Zambia, so I have to try and remember everything I might possibly need.  I need to bring supplies to filter my… Read More