We were able to finalize my code (on Friday), and finally able to see our “results.”  Just in time! Thankfully, there isn’t much need to really analyze and figure out what’s going on, that’s more of a “future work” type of study.  Otherwise, this week was all about preparing my poster and presentation for next week, and making sure I understand everything I’ve done over the last 8 weeks.

As this is our final week, looking back, I can’t say this is what I’d envisioned this summer or program would be.  That being said, my expectations weren’t necessarily aligned with those of RECCS.  It has exposed me to ideas of research that I never would have thought of before.  Without going into too much detail, it’s made me truly think critically about science and especially results.  When you’re charting into the unknown, how do you know your results are correct?  It’s been difficult, and at times, frustrating, but thankfully I had new friends (a.k.a. my fellow interns) there to help me out.  I definitely know more than I did at the beginning of the summer.  I suppose that should have been my expectation from the beginning.

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