Phew, this week has been a crunch for me. I have finally completed my rough draft of my poster and powerpoint presentation. I have met with Jenny and Rick on separate occasions and they have helped me narrow down the main points of my project.

I feel confident with my poster and powerpoint but now I need to practice presenting this material. I have practice in front of Kelly and John (my husband) and my transitions are very choppy. I plan on practicing every day until show time. At first I thought I wouldn’t be able to last 7 minutes giving the presentation, now it’s just the opposite, now that I have timed myself. Flow, flow, flow. Practice, practice, practice.

We had a “goodbye” intern lunch on Friday with the Geomag team and it was so much fun talking to the mentors one on one, as we walked over to the restaurant. At the same time, it started to hit me that this was my official final week at NOAA. I am sad to go but at the same time I have another life back in Colorado Springs.

Last week here was come!

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