Well I think last week was the most frustrating week for me because I had the vibe people were getting annoyed with me asking for help. It seemed as if my mentor possibly had too much on her plate juggling everything, but I have to give her SO MUCH credit for being patient. IT was also frustrating not getting the results I wanted to get to. It seems this processing of radar data is no easy task especially being someone that has minimal programming experience. I felt like they expected me to just pick it right up and well that’s not how coding works.

We attempted to get the ground based radar data from 2 different locations and well it turns out we are going to get only one location. Even then we were not able to do the atmospheric corrections which will reduce the quality of our data and images. There was only one person who seems to have experience with processing GAMMA data and he was hit and miss with his timing. That was also frustrating as he also seemed annoyed that I was constantly asking for help. It is what it is though, just super bummed out we couldn’t get all the data. You learn the hard way and see that everything does not go according to plan. I definitely learned a lot about how the research process work, seeing how people in research problem solve, I learned about meshing different communication styles as I am a very direct-blunt person.

Not much else to say, hoping that I can get some final results today so I can add them to the paper and polish everything up. Could be a long night tonight lol.

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