Throughout this internship, I’ve managed to get my feet wet with a lot of new things, almost like taking mini-workshops on a variety of new topics (with the help of some really great teachers). Really I’ve done this for anything from space weather to magnetic fields to statistics (thanks, by the way, for your help on that Mike). Anyway, it certainly seems as if I’ve managed to scratch the surface to a lot of different topics and piece those parts together enough to feel as though I’m really starting to get a good knowledge base on this stuff.

So, one of the many new things I’ve learned about is coding. It practically felt like learning a foreign language when I started this program. Now, I at least feel like I know some of the basics; metaphorically speaking, it’s like a novice knowing how to say “hello”, “how are you”, and at least a few curse words to impress their friends. Understanding coding was definitely one of the more challenging topics. It’s honestly pretty baffling how complex it can get. What precious advice have I gotten from many people at NOAA? Learn to Google exactly what it is you’re trying to figure out. Sounds simple, right? Actually turns out it can be quite the process. Certainly useful but actually a skill in itself to figure out the right thing to search. Maybe my next mini-workshop? Stay tuned…

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