Well last week was yet another week of processing failures. At every turn we seem to encounter issues getting the processing done. The good news is that we still have a 3 good interferograms . Once I am able to work with the person who knows how to do the ground based radar processing, we should eventually get over that hurdle. We made it half way through the processing of the data for one site but must do this same processing for our 2nd site.

During our field work campaign we set up the ground based radar at 2 different locations and ran ~60 scans at each position with site one getting 3 days of data and site 2 getting 2 days worth of data. We do this because there are factors that can get in the way of collecting the data such as wind variables, atmospheric noise, and getting the exact spot on the radar set up.

Taking several scans allows us to stack the images together so we can alleviate the noise factors which will in turn allow us to produce a high quality interferograms. These interferograms are what scientists-researchers use to look ground deformation to ~mm accuracy. So they are very powerful tools and maps that we can use to learn more about what is going on with the features of earth’s surface.

Although it has been a struggle to get the data processing done, I feel confident that we will achieve this completion this week. The data is finally all there and once we can get through the processing of images we will be able to rapidly make our comparisons and create graphs or scatter plots to show the results. If all goes well I think I will be able to have my entire RECCS part of the project completed this week; ahead of the deadline which will hopefully put everyone’s concerns at rest.

Just be patient guys….it will happen….

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