This week has been much better on me working independently on my project. I am learning how to insert Macros-VBA ( Visual Basic Application) on my Excel spreadsheets. I am currently creating models of the magnetic sphere patterns on the intensity of each “bump” on my scatter-plots (I have provided a photo, so you can see what I mean). These scatter-plots that I have created are the infrastructure disturbances shown on the magnetometer used in CrowdMag. I am having fun creating these profiles and I hope I can explain them in detail at the end of the 9 week internship 🙂

I had some clarification yesterday too! So, CrowdMag does not help GPS (Global Positioning System), GPS works from satellites. CrowdMag is an alternative navigation source. We all know what a compass is, it reads magnetic north verses geological north (they are not the same). The magnetometer on the CrowdMag app collects magnetic data, which is sent to a server at NOAA. The geomagnetism team analyzes the quality of the data and the team makes this data open to the public for others to use for research. What I am collecting is specific data in one area and looking at the magnetic disturbances (the anomalies). An example would be a bridge or an iron pipe under the ground that shows intensity in the magnetic field. This local crowd source data helps with navigation using the magnetic flux’s of the earth. Let me give you an example…

I gave my mentor Rick a scenario yesterday. What if I am driving in the mountains and my GPS stops working. Rick explained to me that with the magnetic data collected with CrowdMag, they are working on an alternative navigation system, so when your GPS fails, the CrowdMag app should be able to navigate you to where you need to go (I really hope I heard him correctly!).

I have picked up some walking buddies at NOAA during the day too, to break up the day from sitting so much. I went from being on my feet 24-7 to sitting lol, it’s rough 😉

Rick wants me to look up how to make a VBA for creating a Linear trend to apply on my profiles in Excel; this is my homework over the weekend.

Week three at NOAA here we come!

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