Well, Week 1 went pretty well. I was able to meet all of the other interns, my mentor, and other people whom are essential to this program. First couple of days basically included paperwork, introductions, and getting a feel for what was to come. The last few days of Week 1 we spent up at the Mountain Research Station.

I think that this field station stay and visits to other sites are essential. It’s good to get us warmed up and prepped for what is to come. My favorite part of Week 1 was easily the field station experience. We played several games to help bond the group and we also had lots of really good food. Who doesn’t like good food ?

I do have a couple of pictures that I will attempt to upload at a later date because my phone is currently dead with no way of charging it 🙁

During our time at the Mountain Research Station, we were exposed to water samplings, taking tree cores, a lot of information on forest ecology, fires, and had some practice for what it would be like to formulate and actual research question. In addition. we visited NOAA and a few other places around the area which was a very cool experience. I wish we could have had a little more time at NOAA to learn more about what NOAA scientists work on.

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