Week two has been going well so far. I am getting to know my mentor Rick Saltus, and I will be spending more time with Manoj Nair next week when he gets back from vacation.
I am settling into my office and getting to know where resources are located (i.e. library, printing room). I have been introducing myself to other interns and staff at NOAA and making myself known.
My main goal for this week is to improve my knowledge of Microsoft Excel, as I have been creating scatter plots of magnetic data with Rick. Rick and I have been collecting magnetic data on the CrowdMag smartphone app outside the NOAA building, and inputting this data into Excel. For the most part, I am a fast learner, but I do find myself becoming frustrated when I watch a way to do data entry and then forget it. My other goal for this week is to continue to work on my field log and Excel log.
Great start so far!


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