My cabin

Life at sea is very simple – no commuting, no cooking, no cell phones. Three delicious meals per day are prepared by the cooks Mark and Ahsha, and a large range of both healthy and not-so-healthy snacks are available all the time (including a refrigerator full of assorted ice cream bars – the New Zealand ones go fast!). To balance all of the eating, exercise equipment is tucked away in several places on board. There is a treadmill, rowing machine, stair stepper, exercise bike, and a small weight room. When the weather is fine, walking on the decks can be good exercise (the motion of the ship can turn a regular walk into a core strengthening and stability exercise). Table tennis is popular, also made challenging by the ship’s motion. There is a small lounge with an assortment of DVD’s for watching, and a small library with well worn paperbacks left by former crew and science teams.

Walking the decks can be good exercise

Table tennis competition

Onboard exercise bike

Second cook Ahsha prepares lunch for the crew

A cooler full of ice cream always available, for better or for worse

If it is steak for dinner it must be Sunday

Well travelled books in the library

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