On Wednesday Oct 17, seven UBASC’ers gave a presentation to an audience of approximately 50 people at the American Cultural Center, situated in the Natsagdorj Library. The talk was entitled, “Ulaanbaatar Air Pollution: a Public Crisis.” The UBASC student presenters were honored afterwards with certificates presented by the Public Affairs Officer, Allyson Algeo, of the U.S. Embassy to Mongolia. Check out the pictures of the event here.

Interested in joining UBASC? Check out our site here or email UBASOC@gmail.com. We are planning on doing another activity in November at the American Cultural Center – come help us out!



Tunga, explaining the PM classification system.


Batmunkh, showing how Ulaanbaatar annual average PM10 compares to other cities around the world.



The audience holding up their "one breath" of air in the form of a balloon.




Saruul and Munkhjargal are comparing UB air pollution to indoor air pollution due to smoking.



Oyudari is explaining the human impacts of the pollution on the UB population.



Batbayar and Batgerel are explaining some recent efforts to mitigate UB air pollution.


Afterwards, the audience and speakers hung out for refreshments kindly provided by the U.S. Embassy to Mongolia.



Public Affairs Officer Allyson Algeo of the U.S. Embassy to Mongolia gave awards for young science leadership to the presenters. Here, Saruul is pictured getting her certificate.






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