My gear, all spread out, including clothing, toiletries, Arctic gear, camera, electronics, and some aerosol equipment and supplies. I have 6 packages en route to Prudhoe Bay that has the rest of the equipment and supplies needed.

It is very cold in the Arctic, which is why polar researchers such as myself have to get the warmest Canada Goose parka one can buy. Packing for the Arctic is unlike packing for anywhere else…many extra layers, special gloves, hats, special boots, ski googles, and an extra warm balaclava are a must. As a scientist working outside in the frigid Arctic temperatures, I have to be covered from head to toe. I also had to pack a few extra pieces of equipment and supplies, which you can see on the right side of the photo. Most of the equipment and supplies I will use to collect ice nucleating aerosol particles is in transit to Prudhoe Bay.

There are no Targets or Walgreens, or any big stores for that matter on the North Slope of Alaska, so I have to make sure I pack absolutely everything. Even something as simple as forgetting toothpaste could be a problem!

I am excited to leave on Monday for Prudhoe Bay! Stay tuned for travel updates early next week. Time to go enjoy my last weekend in Colorado 🙂


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