Well, it is the end of my journey to the Arctic. I Everything has been running smoothly the last few days. The weather went from 20 above to 40 below, I observed beautiful sunsets and sunrises, I saw the Aurora, built an Arctic snowman, drove a mini snow cat, and ate the last of my… Read More

What a crazy last couple of days. The winds were so strong and visibility was so poor that we could not access the site for a day and a half. We had a power outage early this morning, so diligently tried to get into the site since the winds had subsided. It took almost 3… Read More

Whoo hoo! I am set up and in operation. It took a couple days to work out a few kinks and get everything installed securely. Fred and Bruce helped ensure that our equipment is set up for the almost 50 mph winds and waaaay sub zero temperatures we are expecting. Just to put it in… Read More

My short, overnight in Anchorage was a blast. I visited a local art store, ate some chowder and drank a cask IPA at a local brew house, and basked in the beginnings of the Iditarod celebrations at my hotel — the race starts this Saturday. Too bad I will miss it, as I have made my… Read More

Today is the day, the first day of my field expedition! I am flying to Anchorage for an overnight layover then off to Deadhorse Airport and finally Oliktok Point tomorrow. It is a little brisk up there (only -39 degrees Fahrenheit with the wind chill). Time to break in that parka 😉… Read More

It is very cold in the Arctic, which is why polar researchers such as myself have to get the warmest Canada Goose parka one can buy. Packing for the Arctic is unlike packing for anywhere else…many extra layers, special gloves, hats, special boots, ski googles, and an extra warm balaclava are a must. As a… Read More

Welcome to CIRES Blogs Sites. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!… Read More